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Published : Thursday 26 October 2023
ISBN : 9781844886630
Price : €17.99

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26 Oct 2023


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'Garda Sheehan and Private Kelly were killed in front of me . . . I survived in some miraculous way' Don Tidey November 1983. As top supermarket executive Don Tidey sets out on the school run, he is snatched from his car and driven away at speed. The IRA, using kidnapping to fund its armed campaign, has its latest victim. What follows is a massive manhunt and, twenty-three days later, a chaotic rescue in a Leitrim wood. No one emerges unscathed – not the man at the centre of the drama, not the local community, not the gardaí, not the Irish state. And especially not the families of the soldier and the young garda killed as Tidey is freed. Powerful, intimate and searching, The Kidnapping is a brilliantly reported account of an iconic episode. At its heart are remarkable interviews with Don Tidey, talking about these events in detail for the first time, and with the families of Private Kelly and Garda Sheehan who explain the devastating fall-out for them. The book also raises thought-provoking questions about the legacy of these events for today’s Ireland.